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5 Reasons Why Onboarding VenuePro Could Be The Best Commercial Decision You Make This Year

At VenuePro we’re all about making our client’s lives easier and driving efficiencies, so here’s a quick and easy guide as to why VenuePro could be a gamechanger for your operation and events.

Boosting return on investment
The benefits of technology on organisational efficiency is widely reported, and this is no different for VenuePro. The VenuePro platform helps venues digitise and streamline their operation, driving efficiency and productivity, which leads to reduced overheads. The relatively small investment in the VenuePro technology will pay for itself many times over in the first year.

And with the current global economic headwinds we are likely to experience for some time, it is important that business owners, operators and finance professionals look at how they can become more efficient, drive productivity and reduce their overheads, whilst still delivering exceptional visitor experiences and improving return on investment.

Improving visitor experiences
Creating greater efficiencies through the use of technology and improving ROI doesn’t mean customer or visitor experiences need to be negatively impacted or diminished.

In fact, VenuePro helps you to enhance the visitor experience further by picking up the slack and allowing you to divert human resources to areas where the visitor experience can be impacted most. Improved visitor experiences mean happier guests who will post about their experiences across social channels, tell their friends and become an advocate of your venue.

Quick and easy onboarding
VenuePro has 17 modules, which together creates a powerful venue and event management solution. However, as the platform is modular you can pick and choose which modules you need right now, so you only pay for what you use, and you can bolt on additional modules over time.

This makes VenuePro extremely cost effective and simple to onboard into your venue and event day operation. The software is fully cloud based so is ready to go and doesn’t require any on-premise servers.

What’s more, our dedicated team will work closely with your IT and operations team to make the onboarding painless and ensure it seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. VenuePro’s intuitive dashboard and user interfaces make it simple to use, but we also provide full training to your team so we could have you up and running within weeks.

Reduce headcount and deploy staff where they are most effective
VenuePro automates a lot of the manual, repetitive and frankly tedious operational and administrative processes that traditionally had to be done by a member of the team. And although these have little direct commercial value and take up significant resources, they have to be done to ensure events run smoothly and the venue is fully compliant.

VenuePro eliminates the need for team members to undertake many administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on activities which will have more impact on the visitor experience and drive more value to the organisation. It also means that day to day activities and events can be managed with a smaller team, without impacting on the quality of delivery.

Reducing risk and improving compliance
Using VenuePro to digitise, standardise and automate processes also mitigates against human error and risk. It ensures compliance against a checklist of activities to enhance health & safety and ensure tasks are completed properly first time and nothing is missed to reduce risk.

Relevant stakeholders can easily access compliance checklists at any time via the mobile App and automated notifications, alerts and reports can be sent at the appropriate time. This ensures everyone is kept in the loop, they have all of the required information to hand and nothing is missed.

In Summary
We’ve listed out just a handful of the benefits that VenuePro provides venue and event operators. In a nutshell, VenuePro is an innovative and highly flexible global technology platform that simplifies the management and operation of venues and events, in turn delivering world class experiences for visitors.

We’d love to discuss your current challenges and see how we can help your operation, drive efficiencies and deliver a better ROI for your organisation. Please do get in touch and we’ll show you how it all works and see if we’re the right potential fit.


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