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Adopting Technology for the Planning and Execution of Live Events

At VenuePro, we have studied the struggles of the live events industries and have crafted the ultimate in digitalised solutions. We bridge the gaps between pre-event planning, event day execution and post event reporting, ensuring the most efficient running of any event day or day-to-day operation.

Like everything else, event planning has seen a virtual shift. For this reason, we have digitalised the collaboration between personnel and departments and managing and operating venues. We understand the time and money that goes into event planning which is why we make it a point that the result is as efficient as possible.

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You might be able to plan events in a very detail-oriented and organised manner, but at the end of the day, a minor setback might bring you back to square one. At VenuePro, we assist by proactively mitigating risks and increasing efficiency by identifying key performance indicators and generating reports to analyse the output.

As someone who executes event planning on a completely manual basis, you might have experienced instances where some of the data get overshadowed or lost. This isn’t ideal when you’re planning for an event, which is why our solution’s digital nature allows data to be accessible by multiple people, and none of the data gets overseen. Information transmission and exchange have also been simplified for your convenience.


By choosing VenuePro, your event planning costs will be reduced by a significant amount. The unmanageable costs that were incurred because of on-site resources will see a reduction. 

Since functions can be performed through automated processes, the number of hours invested by the staff can be reduced. This would result in cuts in your overall budget allocated for the teams   , thus saving you a lot of time and money.


In the planning stage of an event, you would have had to build teams for the pre-execution, event, and post-event stages. You would have dealt with a lack of communication and collaboration. With VenuePro, you get a platform that ensures a higher degree of collaboration between teams and relevant departments.


VenuePro’s workflow management will distribute tasks and departments into groups. Tasks get assigned and are tracked automatically without intervention, and you won’t have to micro manage teams. The headache of updating your task sheet and informing everyone has also been dealt with efficiently.

VenuePro allows you to create multiple templates that you can choose from while planning for an event, depending on the nature of your event. Aside from workflow management, we have created a module centred around accreditation. This is relevant to shortlist ideal candidates and authenticate their credibility.


We know how much you desire a seamless and smooth execution while planning for an event. We ensure this by providing a live data feed for updates to your deployed teams. Our reporting and analysis feature will provide you with valuable insights and assist when an incident arises.


Using the correct software while planning for an event is crucial. The ideal software should be able to track the progress of teams and incidents and their root causes. We incorporate AI into our software to help in proactive and reactive decision-making. The software you opt for should be able to support your scheduling, staffing, inventory, incident management, investigation, live management, and other modules that will optimise your results.

With VenuePro, you get all of this in once place, as well as built-in processes for governance, risk, compliance, and control purposes.


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