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Digitize, Digitalize or Digital Transformation? What’s the difference?

Digital transformation is the strategic adoption of digital technologies. Its purpose is to improve processes and productivity, deliver better customer and employee experiences, manage business risk and reduce costs.

The phrase ‘digital transformation’ is often confused with two similar concepts: digitization and digitalization.  The simplest of these, digitization, is the process of transforming information from analog or manual form into digital form – for example, converting handwritten records into computerised records. 

Digitalization is the process of applying digital technology and capabilities to processes that are regularly undertaken, but in new and better ways that drive improved outcomes.  In essence the aim of digitalisation is to make established ways of working simpler and more efficient.  It isn’t necessarily about changing how business is done but it’s about getting things done quicker and more efficiently.

Benefits of Digital Transformation
However you describe it, going through the process of digitally transforming your organisation makes it possible to reimagine how you use your technology, people, and processes to move your business forward in new ways. It provides an opportunity to really think about how things are currently done and what improvements could be made to enable better experiences and decision making.

VenuePro provides a technology solution that will go a significant way to completely digitally transform the operational requirements of venues of any size.  The platform provides a complete end to end solution to digitalize (and digitize) existing data, processes and procedures.

Tasks that used to be done manually, using paper based techniques or disparate spreadsheets, can be completed online via one application and existing procedures can often be fully automated.  It streamlines workflows and processes and automates processes to drive efficiencies.

All information, data and reports can be effortlessly shared with relevant stakeholders and can be fully accessible.  And allowing team members to access information from their smartphone on the go ensures all stakeholders are able to see the latest data and make better informed decisions more quickly, thus reducing delays.

Communication and compliance is significantly improved as verbal briefings are a thing of the past. Notifications and requests can be automatically sent to individual team members and check lists of routine, but critical tasks can be created with alerts being created if a specific task is not completed on time.

And of course when you drive efficiencies and deliver improved automation you’d also expect to make significant cost savings.  The adoption of technologies like VenuePro will deliver a return on investment as manual, labour intensive tasks become automated and digitalized, meaning less reliance on human resource.

VenuePro is made up of 21 stand alone modules which clients can pick and choose from to create a tailored solution. It’s an innovative and highly flexible global technology platform that simplifies the management and operation of venues and events, in turn delivering world class experiences for visitors.

We’d love to discuss your current challenges and see how we can help your operation, drive efficiencies and deliver a better ROI for your organisation. Please do get in touch and we’ll show you how it all works and see if we’re the right potential fit.


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