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VenuePro is an innovative and highly flexible global technology platform that simplifies the management and operation of venues and events, in turn delivering world class experiences for visitors.

Our all-in-one cloud based planning and management system automates processes, saves time and money, increases attendance and ensures better experiences for visitors, customers and guests. We work with stadiums, arenas, sporting venues and spaces, and our aim is to help clients with all aspects of venue and event management. 

Customisable, affordable & flexible packages

We recognise that venues and events have been hit hard by the pandemic, so we’re working closely with clients to provide flexible solutions that fit with their specific requirements and budgets. We’d be keen to understand your current circumstances and work with you to provide a fully tailored solution that works for you and delivers a clear return on investment.

VenuePro is made up of 14 distinct modules, with more in the pipeline, which can be selected to create a tailored solution. This means you can pick and choose the features and functionalities that fit your requirement and only pay for what you need. 

Automate to reduce headcount

To balance the books many venue and event operators have had to make difficult decisions over the last 18 months with regards to resources and staffing.  As we emerge out of the pandemic and get back to normality, it is worth looking at how technology can take the place of increasing headcount to deliver greater cost savings and profitability into the future. 

VenuePro can pick up the slack and automate a lot of the manual, repetitive functions that an operations team has to deal with on a regular basis, that can take up a significant amount of resource. Introducing VenuePro’s industry leading technology means that you don’t need the high head count to manage the day to day operation and the additional temporary resource that is required for events.

Streamline your operation and drive efficiency

VenuePro has been created to simplify the delivery of operational efficiency. We make operations work better, free up time and save our clients money by delivering operational efficiency, productivity and automation for operators of all sizes.  The technology platform has been built to be highly customisable and it has the ability to consolidate the existing technologies that you currently use daily to run your operation.

What’s more, we can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and technologies to make them work harder.  We streamline and automate your current operation to deliver greater efficiencies across your operation to make your and your team’s lives easier.

We’d be delighted to provide more information about VenuePro and what it can do for your operation.  Please get in touch to arrange a free demo at


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