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Helping Wembley Stadium create exceptional, memorable experiences

Helping Wembley Stadium create exceptional, memorable experiences

Managing world class events with crowds of 80,000+ and hundreds of team members is a significant operational challenge, but it’s something that Wembley Stadium has been doing on a regular basis for decades.

The Wembley team’s top priority has always been to create memorable experiences, which takes vast amounts of planning, with hundreds of team members working across different departments together in sync, like a well-oiled machine. In recent years the senior management team realised they needed to find ways of improving their operation delivery, so began to explore technology platforms to help them achieve this.

After much evaluation and testing, the VenuePro platform was selected and deployment commenced at Wembley Stadium in 2019, and has begun to assist the operations, events and management team deliver events in challenging times, behind closed doors and as crowds have gradually returned. As capacity increases, VenuePro will help Wembley deliver exceptional experiences for visitors, whilst making life simpler and more efficient for internal and external staff and teams.

Before the implementation of VenuePro, a lot of Wembley’s processes still involved manual methods of operations, which were paper based or required verbal one-to-one communication. This meant that operations were labour heavy and the workforce had limited access to live, real-time information. VenuePro provided this solution whilst at the same time taking the pressure off physical duty and facilitated the digitisation of their operations. The introduction of VenuePro allowed the successful automation of various processes, whilst reducing the manpower time spread across multiple teams.

Liam Boylan, Wembley Stadium Director recognises the value that the platform delivers.

“VenuePro provides us with the solution required to communicate digitally and minimises the time and effort spent on tasks, while offering complete transparency. As we continue to get back to welcoming crowds and the employment of event day staff, great savings will be made by employing the technology to hone the necessary time spent on operations from event-to-event. The presence of the technology will allow us to return to full capacity, efficiently and effectively, doing the heavy lifting previously carried out by numerous team members.“

As crowds return, Wembley are adopting and taking advantage of each of the 14 stand alone modules to create a powerful solution that manages all aspects of the operation from pre-planning, tracking, incident alerts and response, through to post-event reporting.

About VenuePro
VenuePro is the most effective, single solution venue and space management technology ecosystem, designed specifically for venue owners and operators. It’s an innovative and highly customisable global technology platform that simplifies the management and operation of venues of all sizes to deliver world class experiences for guests and visitors. The sophisticated but simple to use modular solutions can be selected depending on the specific requirements, and are flexible enough to fit in seamlessly with a client’s existing infrastructure.

Our aim is to help clients with all aspects of venue and space management and we make operations and events work better, free up time and save our clients money by delivering operational efficiency, productivity and automation for operators of all sizes.

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