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How forward thinking operators are turning to technology to insulate themselves from the worst of an economic downturn

With a significant economic global slump already evident on both sides of the Atlantic, businesses and organisations of all sizes are looking at ways in which they can improve efficiencies and reduce costs to help weather the storm.

As consumers also feel the pinch from rising costs and disposable incomes reduce, the impact on venue and events operators could be significant, and it’s likely the downturn will be protracted.

The obvious way to reduce costs in the short term would be to look at all areas of expenditure that do not deliver a clear and obvious ROI, even though it may improve the visitor experience.  The other short term fix would be to reduce headcount and look to operate on reduced staffing numbers for an extended period.   Both options may not make an immediate difference, but will over time worsen the visitor experience and potentially cause operational issues down the line.

The more forward thinking operators will look to technology and innovation as a way to alleviate the worst of the impact and mitigate against the likely economic headwinds.

Reducing costs and improving ROI
VenuePro is an innovative and highly customisable global technology platform that simplifies the operation of stadiums, arenas, and venues of all sizes. It can help venues reduce costs and improve ROI by streamlining operations, delivering automation, and improving efficiencies across all aspects of the organisation.

Digitise, automate and streamline
The platform is made up of 21 distinct modules that can be selected depending on an organisation’s specific needs, so provides a highly flexible solution. It’s a cost effective, cloud-based ecosystem that digitises and automates a lot of existing labour intensive, manual processes so that headcount can be reduced or human resources can be deployed elsewhere. 

Pick and choose the modules you need
VenuePro allows operators to pick and choose which modules will have the most impact for your venue, so you only pay for what you need. Or you can create a complete end-to-end solution that will automate, streamline and simplify your entire event day operation.  Importantly, VenuePro can also integrate seamlessly with existing technologies and systems so less headaches for the IT team.

Reduce headcount without impacting the visitor experience
The technology can pick up the slack and automate a lot of the manual, repetitive functions that an operations team has to deal with on a regular basis, which takes up a significant amount of resources. Onboarding VenuePro means that you don’t need the high head count to manage the day to day operation and the additional temporary resource that is required for events.

Increase profitability 
Another key benefit of onboarding technology such as VenuePro is that efficiencies will be delivered in the short term which will mean the organisation is in a better and stronger place once the economy improves.  It will continue to deliver greater cost savings and profitability into the future.

Finally, we understand that many venues are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic and that times are tough, so we’re working closely with clients to provide flexible solutions that fit with their specific requirements and budgets. We’d be keen to understand your current circumstances and work with you to provide a fully tailored solution that works for you and delivers a clear return on investment.


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