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How the use of VenuePro can help venues adopt anti-terror measures

How the use of VenuePro can help venues adopt anti-terror measures

The Martyn’s Law campaign has paved the way for the recent publication of the UK government’s response to the Protect Duty public consultation. The findings make it increasingly likely that event organisers, including large venues, stadia and arenas, will be legally required to have stronger measures in place to ensure their preparedness with regards to the protection of the general public from terrorist attacks.

Up until now venues have been left to employ their own security measures to mitigate against terrorist attacks, but the outcome of the consultation suggests that new legislation will be introduced later this year, which will require venues to ensure enhanced security measures, individual accountability and the need for clear roles and responsibilities in the pursuit of greater public safety.

It is clear that technology will play a significant part in helping venues to adhere to the new regulations and requirements. The Home Office is already working with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) and Pool Reinsurance to develop a new interactive online platform, which is set to launch publicly this year.

Many larger venues and event organisers are using technology and already have measures and procedures in place to protect against potential terror attacks, but there is no agreed standard or legal requirement. This is set to change and the venue and events sector should look to get ahead of the game and use technology to enhance operational efficiency, accelerate decision making, gather intelligence and demonstrate compliance with the new legislation.

VenuePro is a venue and event management platform that could potentially provide many of the required solutions. Made up of 16 unique modules it helps to drive productivity, efficiency and automation of processes but also provides many of the tools needed to help venues mitigate against, and prepare for, potential terrorist activity.

Here are just some examples of the modules and features and functionality that could assist:

Control Room Dashboard

The VenuePro dashboard provides a complete snapshot of everything that is happening at the venue, during an event, in real time. The main dashboard provides information across all of the modules including staffing, live tracking, incidents, crowd control, itineraries and alerts and more detailed information can be accessed at the click of a button.

Pre-event planning

The planning module helps management more effectively plan for future events, providing stakeholders with all the information they need and clear briefings to ensure successful and safe delivery.

Risk analysis and profiling 

Risk assessments and analysis can be automated or set manually and templates for PEAPs, staffing and check-lists can be assigned. VenuePro provides a complete venue and event risk management solution.

Staffing and accreditation

This module manages team members and event day staff with effective accreditation services to profile all attendees, ensuring enhanced levels of security. It provides full transparency and real time information as to who is on site and management can easily manage accreditation requests for individuals, agencies and vehicles.

Compliance checklist

Ensure complete daily compliance of event day practices & Pre/Post Event Planning (PEAPs). Create checklists, intervals and schedules to ensure daily tasks are completed and assigned to relevant team members and take control to ensure specific actions are undertaken with alerts being sent for non-compliance. 

Incident response

VenuePro’s incident management response module ensures the security team can quickly and effectively respond to any incident and allow wider management to continually track, monitor and report on an ongoing situation and liaise and co-ordinate with the emergency services.

Live tracking

Gives organisers the ability to track and monitor internal and external staff effortlessly in real time. During an incident or emergency, team members can be tracked by name, position, zone, job role and other variables and immediately posted to the incident or other areas of the venue based on proximity.

VenuePro provides a complete end to end solution to ensure that venue management and event organisers are doing everything they can to prepare for an incident, manage the risk on event day, react to an attack and provide post event intelligence.

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