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How VenuePro can be a powerful weapon in the fight against racism and hate crime

How VenuePro can be a powerful weapon in the fight
Recent events has provided an untimely and ugly reminder that racism, hate speech and discrimination continues to be a significant problem in sports such as football and sadly in society as a whole.

Although the reaction and fallout from the Euro 2020 final has once again brought this issue to the fore, racism and hate crimes eminating from so called ‘fans’ is something that happens on a weekly basis across stadiums throughout the UK and worldwide, and even more so across social media channels.

Through discussions with the English Football Association and Premier League it’s evident that VenuePro’s Incident Management & Investgations module offers a powerful solution to this specific issue and provides venues with the tools to more effectively monitor, respond, track, report and manage these type of incidents.

Respond quickly & effectively to incidents

This module makes it quicker and easier to report an incidence of racism or hate crime. Once an incident is reported and logged on the VenuePro platform it can be escalated to to the relevant stakeholders, with the necessary permissions, or assigned to a specific investigation officer.

Full end to end tracking & reporting

Once assigned the incident details will only be accessible to the investigating officers until the investigation has been fully completed and the case closed.  The reporting person and investigating officers can fill in all of the details of the incident and resulting investigation, including the root cause analysis report and the resulting action taken.

If offending fans or individuals end up being barred from entry into the venue then this information can be captured in the app along with the date they are barred until.  If they try to re-enter the venue during the stipulated time frame then officials will be alerted and notified.  Venues could then work together and if given permission by the police and relevant authorities they could share details and information which would be a powerful weapon in the fight against racism and hate crime.

Collaborate with all stakeholders

Senior management can have permissions set up to allow them to see all incidents and the status of all open or resolved cases on their dashboard.  And importantly the critical nature of different incidents can be flagged and all information can be captured in one place, which will allow for robust reporting and analytics.

Used properly and in conjunction with the other 13 stand alone modules the Incident Management & Investigations function can give venue and event operators a powerful weapon in the ongoing fight against those that still believe that racism and hate speech is acceptable in 2021.

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