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How VenuePro can help solve the staffing and resource shortages in the venue and events industry

How VenuePro can help solve the staffing

If you’ve been following events in the UK over the last couple of months, it wouldn’t have escaped your attention that the country has been having some serious supply chain issues, which have stemmed from a lack of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) drivers. 

This has led to issues with food shortages on supermarket shelves and more recently ongoing problems with fuel supply to petrol (gas) station forecourts, which has meant widespread shortages.

This crisis has come about because of a number of historic, and more recent factors, which has created a perfect storm, including:

  • a lack of new drivers entering the logistics sector over the last decade
  • a reduction in the number of new HGV tests being taken and licences issued due to Covid-19 restriction
  • the post pandemic opening up of the economy, which has meant a surge in demand across all sectors
  • large numbers of overseas drivers being forced back to their home countries due to the pandemic
  • and of course Brexit, which has meant significant losses of European drivers

The combination of the pandemic, Brexit and rising global demand has also caused staff shortages across a number of different sectors including farming, construction, retail and hospitality.  What’s more it was recently reported by the Office for National Statistics that UK job vacancies have hit a 20 year high, many of which cannot be filled. The result of this is significant increases in average wages as employers fight to recruit from a dwindling talent pool.

If we look at the hospitality sector specifically, this not only includes hotels, bars and restaurants but also venues and events. If venue and events operators can’t recruit the required headcount and resources required, then at best they are going to diminish the visitor experience and at worst cause potential operational and health & safety issues.

VenuePro can be part of the answer
VenuePro is able to provide a viable, efficient and cost effective solution by digitising, simplifying and automating a lot of the existing labour intensive, manual processes so that human resources can be deployed elsewhere, where more impact could be made. 

The cloud based platform picks up the slack by streamlining many of the manual, repetitive functions that an operations team has to deal with on a regular basis, and can take up a significant amount of resources.

It is highly customisable and flexible providing a one stop shop with everything a venue needs to manage the operation and is made up of 14 distinct modules, with more in the pipeline, which can be selected to create a tailored solution. This means clients can pick and choose the features and functionalities that fit their requirement and only pay for what they need, plus it’s flexible enough to fit in seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure.

We work with stadiums, arenas, sporting venues, exhibition centres, shopping malls, airports and theme parks and our aim is to help clients with all aspects of venue and space management. We recognise that venues and events have been hit hard by the pandemic, so we’re currently working closely with clients to provide flexible solutions that fit with their specific requirements and budgets and deliver a clear return on investment.

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