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How Venuepro Can Help Venue Operators Deliver On Their Sustainability And Net Zero Goals

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With the increasing global focus and urgency around carbon emissions, net zero targets and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, organisations around the world are developing clear and transparent sustainability strategies and action plans.

Large venues by their very nature are large emitters of carbon and use significant resources to operate. But this also means there are plenty of ways in which venue operators can reduce their carbon footprint and make a big impact in terms of sustainability. With this in mind the large venue management groups and individual stadia and arenas are implementing different initiatives with a strong focus on sustainability.

Recently both ASM Global and Oakview Group have announced new strategies and approaches to deliver more sustainable and greener venue operations, with technology being used as an enabler to facilitate the required changes.

Of course it’s worth noting that as well as the environmental impact there is also the potential for significant cost savings which can be achieved through good sustainability practices. What’s more consumers are now demanding that brands and companies play their part, so public expectations and sentiment around sustainability have changed in recent years making it increasingly important for venues of all sizes to develop and promote a clear sustainability strategy.

In this article we take a look at how the VenuePro technology platform can help venues to implement a number of measures to deliver on their sustainability goals.

Digitising The Operation
The first, most obvious benefit of using a platform like VenuePro is that all event day operations, pre-planning requirements and post event debriefs are fully digitised and available online in one place. This means that all data, information and documentation can be accessed by anyone that needs it at the click of a button creating a truly paperless environment.

Driving Efficiency & Productivity
VenuePro ensures that processes and procedures become more efficient, increasing productivity and speeding up every day tasks. It means that previously manual tasks can be handled by the platform reducing the need for additional headcount and employee interactions, which in itself will mean using fewer resources.

Remote Working & Online Accreditations
All stakeholders can access data and information via the VenuePro platform online via desktop or mobile App, meaning the need for face to face meetings is significantly reduced. In addition temporary event day staff accreditations can be managed via the portal. This will minimise travel and unnecessary journeys to cut carbon emissions and also reduce transport costs for the business and individuals concerned.

Incident Management & Investigations
The complete lifecycle of an event day incident is fully tracked and recorded, including timings, documentation and photos. This means that fully auditable incident details and information can be quickly and easily shared with key stakeholders, external agencies and the authorities, reducing the need for lengthy post incident debriefs and meetings.

For bigger multi-site operators the VenuePro platform can be used to provide complete operational management across regional or global venues including event management, staffing, maintenance, purchasing, finance, reports and security. Having access to all venues on one platform, as well as complete visibility and transparency of all data means relevant stakeholders can access and report on what they need quickly and easily. This reduces the duplication of tasks and activities across different sites and the need for meetings and travel.

Compliance Management
Ensuring compliance of daily events, practices and processes ensures tasks are completed on time and to the required standard. This ensures tasks are done right first time and stakeholders will be alerted to non-compliance, meaning that risks are mitigated and service levels are automatically upheld minimising the need for resource an headcount.

Internet of Things
One of the key advantages of IoT is the ability to monitor and track different areas of the operation and devices to help reduce energy waste. Examples include setting lights and air conditioning units to turn off at specified times, monitoring the usage of washrooms and water consumption, monitoring and managing heating and identifying any malfunctions or faulty devices to increase efficiency and improve the lifecycle of products.

Reports & Analytics
VenuePro includes a powerful reports and analytics module as standard which ensures that data points are captured allowing users to report across all areas of the operation.

Giving the ability to track, measure, analyse and report allows the operation to be fully scrutinised allowing insights to be gathered to drive continuous improvements leading to further efficiencies and streamlining to reduce waste and minimise resource requirements.

In summary, the use of technology such as VenuePro drives efficiency and productivity to save time, effort and resources. It reduces the time it takes and amount of headcount required to fulfil tasks and processes, makes remote working possible and minimises the need for staff members to travel for briefings and meetings. All of these things together can make a significant impact to a venue’s carbon footprint and can make a big difference in the desire to create a more sustainable, net zero operation. From a commercial perspective there is also significant cost savings to be had by using technology to become more efficient and productive.

To find out how VenuePro can help your venue become more sustainable, whilst delivering a clear ROI please get in touch.


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