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Introducing VenuePro’s new Finance & Accounting Module

Introducing VenuePro’s new Finance & Accounting Module

The development and product teams at VenuePro are continuously looking to create new features, functionalities and modules to assist clients with their day to day operations, help automate process and streamline their organisation.

We regularly speak to clients about how we can improve our technology, and one of the areas that kept coming up in conversation was the challenges that some clients face with regards to finance and accounting. So we’ve begun scoping, designing and developing our new Finance & Accounting module. 

Comprehensive suite of finanical & accounting features

This new module will sit seamlessly within the VenuePro ecosystem providing another layer of support for clients and giving them access to a comprehensive suite of financial and accounting based features. These include ledger entries, accounts receivable and payables, asset accounting and fund management.

It will work across multiple profit centres, across the different departments of the operation and can be used across multiple locations. It will be able to operate as a standalone module or can be integrated with any other accounting system to push or pull data. And teams can submit the daily accounts or event based accounting requirements, with authorisation taking place as a two level approval process.

Simple set up and integration

One of the key benefits of using the Financial and Accounting module is that it will directly integrate with the existing VenuePro modules, including Purchases, Inventory, Staffing, Assets Management and Facilities Management. And along with the rest of the VenuePro platform it will allow for the creation of powerful reports to give transparency and insights across the whole operation that all stakeholders will benefit from.

15 distinct VenuePro modules

The new Finance & Accounting module is just one of 15 distinct, standalone modules that VenuePro offer. Together they provide a robust, comprehensive platform for venues of all sizes, but can also be used as standalone products to create a tailored solution. 

To find out more about our new Finance and Accounting Module or to find out how VenuePro can help your operation please get in touch at


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