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Oak View Group is now using VenuePro technology across OVG360 managed venues

We’re delighted to announce that VenuePro is now working in partnership with OVG360 to roll out the platform to venues across North America.

The introduction of the VenuePro technology will allow OVG360 managed venues to streamline staffing and event scheduling processes, automate existing manual processes, deliver enhanced event planning and management, and improve intra-department communication and collaboration.  In short it will completely digitize OVG360 venues’ operational platforms.

“Through innovation and investments in leading technology platforms, we continuously seek new ways to enhance our operations so that we can deliver a high-level of quality service to our guests at all of our properties,” said Chris Granger, President, OVG360. “VenuePro provides a distinct competitive advantage for us by allowing our venues to streamline operations and improve profitability. We are excited about implementing the VenuePro platform across all OVG360-managed properties.”

VenuePro’s cutting-edge technology will also enable OVG360 to standardize its processes, policies, and data collection across all of its venues with the ability to analyze the data and make more accurate decisions.

“We’re delighted to partner with OVG360 as we roll out our technology so that OVG360 can benefit from VenuePro.” said Neil Berry, CEO and Co-Founder of VenuePro. “We have developed VenuePro to be quick and easy to implement, fit in seamlessly with existing IT systems, and be extremely user-friendly. We are confident that OVG360 venues will quickly see significant benefits, including major cost savings, and appreciate the benefits for years to come.”

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