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VenuePro is all about driving efficiencies, whilst delivering a strong return on investment.  So, we’d always recommend that clients only pay for the features or modules they will get the most use from, and those that will give them the most benefit.

The majority of venue and event management solutions on the market either require clients to take on the complete platform, at significant expense, or only offer a fairly niche solution which covers one or two aspects of the operation.

This means that venue operators either have to spend far more than they need to, or over time will need to onboard a range of different software providers to meet their expanding needs.  This becomes clunky and complex to integrate, is inefficient and will be a lot more costly in the long run.

Complete flexibility and future proofed

VenuePro solves this problem by giving clients complete flexibility, ensuring a cost effective modular solution that is right for them, whilst ensuring any future software requirements can be met using the same platform.

Made up of 21 distinct and stand alone modules, VenuePro has been built from the ground up to ensure a straightforward and hassle free setup and integration for IT teams.  It means that clients can pick and choose the modules they initially need, to keep costs to a minimum, and then quickly and easily bolt on additional features and functionality when the need arises.

This is the approach that Wembley Stadium took when adopting the VenuePro technology. They recognised that venue management technology could help them become more efficient and effective as a team.  However, they couldn’t find a solution that met their specific needs and allowed them to ‘future proof’ their medium term requirements, without spending a small fortune or using multiple suppliers.  Luckily they found VenuePro!

A full end to end solution

Clients can of course opt for the full complement of VenuePro modules to create a complete end to end, one stop solution, providing everything needed for a seamless, fully digitised venue and event operation. And VenuePro is fully customisable, meaning individual modules can be modified for individual clients, depending on their specific needs and we can even build new features and functionalities if a client has a unique requirement.

Importantly, we’ve also made VenuePro simple and quick to onboard and seamlessly fit in with existing IT systems and infrastructure.  And we provide full training to team members so they can hit the ground running and get the most benefit from the VenuePro platform from day one.

To find out more about how VenuePro can help deliver operational excellence for your venue or event please get in touch.


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