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Approved Technology Solutions Announce The Release Of New Flagship Product

London, 11 May 2020: Approved Technology Solutions has launched VenuePro™, a new technology platform, incorporating their already successful CrowdSafe™ software.

VenuePro™ is a Venue Management System which offers a modern way for venues and a multitude of operators to digitally manage their properties and host events while providing their clients with the finest experience.

“Having successfully launched CrowdSafe™ at Wembley Stadium in 2019, we’ve continued to develop and grow the platform to now become a complete, fully integrated ecosystem that includes all the modules that bring multiple functional teams together on a single platform. This will help our clients efficiently plan and execute an event or perform day-to-day operations of any venue or large-scale space,” says Neil Berry CEO at Approved Technology Solutions.

Wembley Stadium

“Considering the current situation and the rising concerns of operating a venue during and post Covid-19, all venues will have to take a more stringent approach to keeping their staff and customers safe, thereby gaining trust and assurance. With the integration of thermal cameras, facial recognition, and IoT hardware, this is now entirely possible. VenuePro™ offers so much more than just crowd safety management, as the technology addresses these compliances when venues open their doors to the general public.”

Features and benefits include:

• Event Management and Booking
• Compliance Management
• Work-flow Management
• Facilities Management
• Vendor and Contract Management
• Staffing
• Accreditation
• Inventory
• Incident Management
• Lost & Found
• Investigations and Live Tracking
• Rostering (Staff and Maintenance)
• Process Automation
• Android and iOS app

VenuePro™ easily adapts to business processes, offering complete transparency of operations with an increase in overall efficiency, thus demonstrating cost savings to meet the venue’s returns on investment. Events and activities can be planned much quicker with templates, making the process a lot less time consuming.

Facilities management and staff rostering ensure the venue provides a safer and more sterile environment for the venue staff and hirers. Managing crowd flow and density with our
integrated products certifies quick response and more enjoyable experience for the customer.

VenuePro™ is a smart system which uses BI (Business Intelligence) to suggest and automate a lot of the processes. The integrated solution is a highly customisable system, providing the users with a flexible yet comprehensive operations platform.

Having all the modules in the system cohesively linked, this platform brings multiple teams to work together like a well-oiled machine.

About Approved Technology Solutions: The company successfully launched
CrowdSafe™ at Wembley Stadium in 2019 and is now launching VenuePro™, incorporating CrowdSafe™, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The team is currently in consultation with operators and owners of stadiums and venues across the globe to make their venue management and operations best-in-class with the use of the integrated technology solution, VenuePro™.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Neil Berry
CEO – Founder and CEO
Approved Technology Solutions
Tel: +44(0) 20 8820 1411


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