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VenuePro New Modules, Features & Functionality in Development


At VenuePro we never like to stand still and rest on our laurels.  

So we are always looking at ways in which we can improve and enhance our existing platform and also develop new features and functionality based on user feedback.

The team are busy behind the scenes cracking on with the development but we thought we’d share what we are up to and what you can expect in the near future…

Stocks & Inventory

We’re developing this existing module further to expand its capabilities to Purchase Orders, Reconciliation and Goods Receipt Notes.  We’re also making the module more flexible to accommodate the future developments for multi-site capabilities and accounts.

Vendor Management

This module will be enhanced to link up to other modules such Maintenance, Staff Rostering and Inventory.  We’re also adding a vendor portal for seamless communication with vendors based on the service provided, which will include Contract Management, Work Order and Quotations.

Facilities Management

The scope of this module will be expanded to cover SLA and Contract Management for External Agencies, which would allow the Venues to post jobs and work requests to the service providers, along with the option for price negotiation and approvals.


Our existing staffing module will be improved further to include graphical Dot Plans, graphical positioning system linked with the Dot Plans, the merging the Accreditation Cycle with the Staffing Cycle, enhancements to the Staffing Workflow and Templates and a brand new mobile app for Vendors and Staff.

Finance & Accounting

As part of our 2nd phase of development we are building a new Finance and Accounting module which will consolidate and close the loop within the VenuePro platform.  We will be expanding the existing scope of the platform to cover multi site capability and workflow management to cover a wider spectrum of control and hierarchy.  

Multi-Site Capability

Organisations that own or operate multiple venues, whether it be in the same city, country or region will have the option to create their venues and assign the hierarchy based on their business operations.  This will give the management centralised control over their sites and access to data in real time.  

The development will include access control, reporting hierarchy, centralised dashboards and authorisations.  All the modules within the VenuePro platform will be accessible on a global scale.

Workflow Management
The expansion of the workflow management would cover the new modules being developed. It would be linked with Inventory, Vendor, Facilities, Finance and Staffing  for requests, authorization and assignment.  This would be used to automate processes and keep a verified metric of the employee performance.

Our enhanced reporting module will provide enhanced analytics and allow for the creation of new reports to cover the additional modules.  It will provide financial reports and statements which will be extensive, graphical and granular and offer dashboard and real time monitoring of KPIs and critical metrics.

Machine Learning & Decision Support
Our new Machine Learning Models will provide decision support for Key Functions and Operations.  This will give the risk analysis based on historical patterns to assist with Event Management, Staffing Requirements and Itinerary Management. Through pattern analysis we can also determine Probability of Failure for general assets and compliances.

Creating secure APIs for external applications to integrate with and for Shareable Modules of the system.  Information collected within the system can be analysed and converted to actionable input for other service providers on their platform. 

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