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VenuePro’s latest developments, updates and enhancements

VenuePro's latest developments, updates and enhancements

If 2022 is the year when you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of technology, and specifically venue and event management software, then you’ve come to the right place.

You can find out more about our current modules here but we’ve also been busy behind the scenes working on a raft of new modules, enhancing our existing capabilities and adding new features and functionality, which are launching this month.

Our brand new modules include Staffing Dot Plans, Finance & Accounting and Multi Site, which have been built based on feedback and requests from existing clients and you can see more details below.

Finance & Accounting Module

A robust set of financial tools to manage all event based financial requirements including AP, AR, Asset Management, Event Transactions, Reconciliation and Bill Tracking.  Integrate with any accounting platforms to ensure seamless tracking of all expense and asset types as well as powerful real time MIS and reporting. This module integrates seamlessly with the rest of the VenuePro platform to give complete visibility to all relevant team members, will simplify and automate current manal processes and reduces time spent on finance and accounting tasks. Read more

Multi Site Module
Clients can now fully manage their site structure and can readily have all multi site data available to whoever needs it at a click of a button. Manage multiple sites including event management, staffing, maintenance, centralised purchase capability, finance & accounting, consolidated reports, central access controls and security and access permission upgrades.  Read more

Staffing Dot Plans

Create easy to use staffing dot plans for every event in the fraction of a time and get a live, real-time visualisation of how many staff are present in their assigned positions at any given time.  This new module will allow you to effortlessly create graphical staffing templates, attach them to events, modify them with ease to adapt to event requirements and monitor them in realtime on the event day.  Read more


The inventory module has been expanded further to include all departments of a venue.  In addition we have added new sub-modules including Purchases, Reconciliation, Goods Receipt Note (GRN), Stock Request, Stock Transfer, Auto Request & Alert, Stock Audit, BOM List for Events, and Vendor Portal for Stocks, to provide a complete and comprehensive Inventory view.
Vendor Management
We have expanded our Vendor Management module to now include Inventory, Facilities and Assets & Event Day Contractors.  Vendor onboarding and approvals can now also be handled department wise. And we have also added Vendor Induction Forms and Document Management which allows for Contracts and Expiries to be fully managed.
Facilities and Asset Management
We have upgraded our Facilities and Asset Management functionality so that Tickets can now be raised on external Vendors for Maintenance issues and they can now even submit a quote for the work.  Internal consumption of inventory for assets has been added for audit purposes as well as an Asset Calendar for scheduled maintenance which would be carried out by the team along with form submissions for each with reference values.
WorkFlow Management 
To streamline processes within VenuePro even further and save clients even more time, we have set up additional Automation for task assignment across multiple existing modules within the platform.

VenuePro can provide a complete end to end solution for all of your operational needs or you can pick and choose which modules you select to provide a completely tailored solution.

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