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Venues Under Increasing Scrutiny & Pressure To Ensure The Safety

Venues under increasing scrutiny and pressure

The recent Great Manchester Police (GMP) findings, in relation to the Manchester Arena bombing, shows that operators are coming under increasing scrutiny and pressure to ensure the safety of their venues and crowded spaces.

It is clear that traditional measures and processes are inadequate and will never be enough to eliminate or mitigate the modern day risks we all face, whether it be from a virus or the threat of a terror attack.

We need to de-risk the way operations are run, the way team members are briefed and the way decisions are made, through utilising affordable technology that already exists.

Venue operators can achieve higher productivity, greater efficiencies and synergies through platforms such as VenuePro allowing them to analyse critical data at a touch of a button and where all teams and departments can work hand-in-hand in planning, organising and executing events successfully and safely.

This type of technology is already helping venue operators all over the world to fill the current gaps and deliver a safer environment for its staff and visitors, while providing full accountability and transparency.

VenuePro is a highly collaborative enterprise-wide digital platform built with a framework of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Incident Management principles, modelled after years of research across multiple venues and operations, across the globe.

The Control Room dashboard provides a birds eye view to management and event organisers to provide access to real time data to allow:

  • rapid response and smooth operations
  • seamless guest experiences
  • quick understanding of operation challenges to mitigate risks
  • substantial cost savings and enhanced ROI

Deployed at Wembley Stadium, VenuePro is an Eco-System which offers a multitude of modules, which are logically and functionally interconnected to provide venues and spaces with a high degree of collaboration and synergy. It has been created to effectively and efficiently manage venues, spaces and events.


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