Control Room Dashboard

Get a complete snapshot of everything that is happening at your venue or during an event in real time. This main dashboard provides basic information on Staffing, Live Tracking, Incidents, Crowd, Itinerary and alerts and more information can be accessed by clicking on the individual modules.

Venue Dashboard

Key Features


Get a 'birds eye' view of all activity and information


Provide the management team of a snapshot in real time


Ability to dig deeper into specific areas as and when required

Three sub modules shown for staffing, incidents and crowd


Alerts are clearly visible on the dashboard for ease


Permissions and access rights can be assigned by user

Key Benefits

Information all in one place

A complete overview of the most critical data in one dashboard

Keep on track

Ability to easily monitor all activity and ensure on track

Quick response

Dashboard will immediately alert to any incidents for quick & effective response

Dig deeper

Access additional information as and when required

Keep up to date

All data in real time to ensure no delays and all information to hand

Access rights

Quickly and easily update access rights on an individual basis

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