Incident Management & Investigations

Quickly and effectively respond to any medical or non medical incident. Assign incidents to an individual or team and continually track, monitor and report on the situation. Upload documents and photos and manage the complete life cycle of the incident to conclusion. Convert the incident into an investigation, upload reports and share with external agencies.

Incident Management

Key Features


Simple user interface and available on web & mobile


Easy to create & update new incidents


Set up incidents as medical & non-medical


GPS location captured as soon as incident logged


Quick to assign incident to relevant team


Individual team members alerted via the mobile App


Real time updates can be made on incident status


Documents & photos uploaded against each incident


Complete lifecycle of incident is tracked & recorded

Key Benefits

Instant Response

Instant response and deployment of resource

Valuable Insights

Tracking, reporting and analysis can provide valuable insights and intelligence

Post event audits

All actions monitored and recorded for post event audits and compliance


All relevant parties can monitor incident status in real time


Alert relevant first responders without delay

Manage Incidents

Manage and resolve incidents more efficiently and effectively

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