Live Tracking

Ability to track and monitor internal and external staff effortlessly, in real time.  Team members can be tracked by name, position, zone, job role and other variables and posted to an incident or new assignment based on proximity.

Compliance Management

Key Features

Monitor and track individual team member positions

Locations of every staff member can be tracked in real time

Quickly and easily post staff to new positions

Respond quickly to incidents and assign team members

Track staff by name, position, zone or job role


Dispatch team members based on location and proximity

Key Benefits

Quick & efficient

Locate and communicate with team members at a touch of a button

Team alerts

Alert individual staff members to a new deployment within seconds

Real time

Get real time updates on the locations and positions of each team member

Manage team

Ability to quickly and easily manage the positions of all team members

Fast response

Respond to incidents quickly and assign relevant team members

Record and track

Full tracking and reporting of staff positions for post event audits

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