Multi Site

Monitor, manage and control your operations worldwide by creating a multi hierarchy of venues.  Manage multiple sites including event management, staffing, maintenance, centralised purchase capability, finance & accounting, consolidated reports, central access controls and security and access permission upgrades. 

Multi Site

Key Features

Multi hierarchy of venues and sites for larger entities


Manage organisation and sites by city, state, country or region

Centralised purchase capability and finance & accounting

Consolidated reports for improved transparency

Central dashboard view to provide complete visibility


Access perimission upgrades for enhanced security

Key Benefits

Easy venue management

Easy to manage multiple venues and sites from one place

Centralised reporting

Get visibility of important data in a centralised dashboard

Stay up to date

Ensure key stakeholders have the latest management information

Accessible information

Have all your venue data on hand whenever you need it

Complete financial control

No hassle financial management and accounting 

Manage your organisation

Manage your organisational structure your way with ease

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