Staffing Dot Plans

Use our graphical dot plan module to quickly and easily visualise complex data and modify staffing dot plans. Get a live, real time view of how many staff are present in their assigned positions.

Create graphical staffing templates, attach them to events, modify them with ease and monitor in real time.

Staffing Dot Plans

Key Features


Graphical dot for staffing to provide transparency


Integrate Google maps for easy plotting of positions


Positions with different colour codes for each role

Real time overlay of the number of staff present


GPS trackable overlay of staff in movement

Modify staff dot plans to give complete flexibility

Key Benefits

Plan staffing requirements

Effortlessly create staff dot plans from scratch

Reduce time spent

Quickly and easily update staff dot plans in a few clicks

Real time information

See where all staff are in real time at the click of a button

Identify resource gaps

Quickly visualise where there are staffing gaps in the venue

Create event specific plans

Produce staffing dot plans for each event using existing templates

Complete flexibility

Create and modify multiple dot staffing plans for all event types

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