Vendor & Agency Management

Effortlessly manage approvals and contracts for
vendors, suppliers and agencies. Manage vendors across  multiple departments including in relation to Inventory, Staffing, Accreditation, Contract Management and Facilities. Vendors can access the platform directly to   complete transaction requests.

Incident Management

Key Features


Manage vendor and supplier contracts effortlessly

Makes approval management simple & straightforward


All contracts and activity stored in one place

Manage vendors across multiple departments

Consolidate Inventory, Staffing, Accreditation & Facilities


Provide access to vendors to manage requests


Real time updates and contract information easily accessible

Complete management of vendor contracts

Contract information easily accessible in one place

Key Benefits

Easy access

All contract information easy to access and readily available online

Everything in one place

Vendor and supplier contracts all stored in one place

Tracking and audits

All changes tracked and logged for compliance and auditing

Easy approvals

All stakeholders can manage vendors and manage approvals

Multi departments

Ability for all departments to view contract details and collaborate

Supplier access

Vendors and suppliers can also access the platform to simplify approvals

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