Workflow Management

Create task lists and workflows, assign tasks to team members and monitor all actions. Actionable check list items can be assigned to the concerned person or department and team leads can see the tasks assigned by them and the current progress.  Team members can see the tasks that are assigned to them and can upload documents or photos to confirm completed.

Workflow Management

Key Features

Assign tasks to individual, teams or departments

Send actionable items to the correct stakeholders

Management can view all actionable items in one place

Team members can see their individual list of actions

Checklists of outstanding and completed items

Approval processes in place with checks made as standard

Key Benefits

Simple set up

Quick and easy set up of task lists and workflows

Easy access

Easy access to all outstanding workflows in once place

Keep everyone in the loop

Ensure all stakeholders have visibility of all workflows

Assign tasks

Everyone knows what they need to do and by when

Approval Processes

Ensure proper approval processes are in place and are maintained

Keep one step ahead

Have visibility of what’s happening now and what’s coming up

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